ALENTEJO - It hasn't been this dry in Portugal for a thousand years. But in the Alentejo, there have long been debates about the right way to farm in times of drought and record temperatures. This is mainly due to a dam that is supposed to provide sufficient water.

A report on the consequences of the Alqueva Dam for the south of Portugal. Who benefits from its waters except a super-intensive agriculture that covers the land with monotonous plantations? What will become of the montados, the iconic landscape of the south? And how long can a model that relies on a steady influx of cheap water work against the consequences of climate change?

Team members

Andre Vieira

Andre is Brazilian visual storyteller and journalist currently based in Portugal.

Andre Vieira

Tobias Asmuth

Tobias Asmuth is a free-lance reporter in Berlin.

Tobias Asmuth
€17.200 allocated on 23/02/2022


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