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If you trust government and think that the men and women who run the world's nations understand the importance of putting the social and economic needs of their people before their personal ambitions desires and whims, supporting journalism is not for you. But if you believe that government leaders need to be pushed, need to be constantly held to the highest possible standards, then you have no choice but to support independent journalism as much as possible. funds dedicated and fearless reporters who find the facts about abuse of trust and official corruption and put them before the public. They help journalists speak for those who have no voice. 

Seymour Hersh
Seymour Hersh

American investigative journalism icon and Pulitzer winner

Political decisions are made across borders. Business and trade take place increasingly transnationally. Criminal networks operate in various countries. So journalists have to follow suit.

Journalismfund Europe firmly believes in cross-border collaborations between journalists as the way to best tell the big transnational stories of the 21st century. We stimulate cross-border collaboration by giving journalists the money they need to do their research, by providing networking opportunities, by sharing knowledge and spreading tips.

Help us support cross-border investigative journalism. Help journalists reach further. Because stories don't stop at the border.