Natalia Dobryszycka currently works as a freelance visual news journalist and researcher for major British and European media outlets.

Natalia Dobryszycka started her career in 2005 at "Gazeta Wyborcza" (Polish national daily newspaper), then spent several years working with the EAST NEWS photo agency.

Since 2011, has worked as a journalist for Reuters, preparing video material for Reuters TV, covering live issues in south-west Poland and the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. She is the co-director of the documentary ‘Photographer of Democracy’ (August 2021) about Czarek Sokolowski - a longtime photojournalist for the Associated Press agency and the only Polish winner of the Pulitzer Prize for photography.

Natalia Dobryszycka

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GDANSK - The Vistula Spit Canal has been a decades-long political prizeproject for the Polish government. The construction has drawn controversy as it cuts straight through a Natura 2000 conservation area. Russian state-sponsored media and the Kremlin, have flasely claims it will devastate the Baltic sea, the lagoon, and local wildlife, but have not provided any independent scientific evidence to back their claims.